Shooting the Group 5 building

The last month I have been shooting a lot of architectural work. The new group 5 building in waterfall estate is one of them. It had been a very rainy and cloudy time but just as the sun came up there was an instant where the clouds parted and allowed me to take a few shots. 

Informal portraits

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Portraits are an amazing look into the souls of people. To capture that split second where your subject reveals her of himself to you is a tricky thing. That is why you have to be ready to snap these momentarily. It also helps if you have camera equipment that can focus fast and have a lens that can put the focus where it is meant to be. The most important part stays the interaction between subject and photographer. I will be giving amazing insights, both technical and about subject matter in my upcoming Portraits made easy with Hanna Jacobs. 

Exciting new portrait course with yours truly

I will be co-hosting a exciting new portrait course in Pretoria with Hanna Jacobs professional photographer, a journalist and an experienced teacher. I am very excited about this venture since teaching has long been a big passion of mine.

The course will be about creating amazing and striking images with emotion.  We will go into theory and also do practical demonstrations. Get the shortcuts to imaging success that we have gathered through years of experience. If you have a DSLR and a passion for portraits you can't miss out on this!

please contact Hanna via email -