A fine artist and a designer that moved on to the darkroom. My first wedding was shot on black and white film and handprinted.
This has translated well into my photography career. The experience I have gained has enabled me to keep calm in any situation and make the most of any creative oppurtunity. I like to create work that looks back on a moment in time and capture how it felt. My clients useally become friends and a positive photo taking experience is important to me.

A jack of all trades and master of most, I enjoy any artistic,architectual, product, family or aerial photography.

My work has been used by the following clients:

  • Ocean Basket

  • Atterbury Property Holdings

  • Abland Property

  • Giflo

  • Generations

  • Barlow World

  • General Motors

  • Coca-Cola

  • Aucucap

  • Ernst & Young

  • Mustard Seed Relationship Marketing

  • BHF

  • Sun International

  • Standard Bank

  • Uber Glam Fashion school

  • Vukile

  • Standard Bank


Louis van Zyl

Louis van Zyl